Tuesday, July 19

Uniquely Me. Uniquely Us.

This morning I read Elizabeth’s post on thesubject of uniqueness. She expressed great wonder and awe at the fact that she even exists, praising the process of one sperm uniting with one egg and creating one person who then goes on to recreate the process that brought them into the world and create, for example,  me! She went on to explain that there is only one of you in the world, one person with your exact combination of genes, experiences, and personality and that struggling to fit in is so hard because it is completely contrary to the uniqueness of your person! 

Anyway, reading Elizabeth’s post made me think about my own uniqueness, things like my curly hair – which must have been some recessive gene fluke since there is little to no curly hair in my family – and my passion for writing. I was one of those funny kids who went to college open houses in grade 9. I had the program I was going to take picked out when I was 16, whereas my sister had to take a year off to decide what she really wanted to do after high school. What made me so decisive? A combination of how I was raised, the teachers who brought amazing books into my life when I was young and mouldable, and my genetics predisposed me to this career, how cool is that! 

One of the things that blows me away the most is the fact that although there is only one of me, and no one else communicates, thinks, or feels exactly the same way that I do: I still managed to find the one person in the world I want to spend my life with. Now how cool is that? I am so awed and humbled when I think of how he is so unique and special, how he was raised just right and how his experiences up until now have molded him in such a way that he should fit right in with me. That he was brought up so close to me, but we didn’t meet until it was the exact right time in both of our lives to begin a relationship. 
Took this photo of Mr. Nick on Saturday after the Street Performers festival, poor boy was ready to fall asleep on the train! But I couldn't stop thinking about how handsome he is and how lucky he makes me feel.
My mum has an expression many of you have probably heard, there’s a lid out there for every pot, she says, and I have to add, there’s a key out there for every lock. Think about that: how each key is shaped in such a unique way that it only opens one thing. That key has to be made for that specific lock in order for it to be opened. 

For me, that’s one of the greatest miracles of our individuality – that even though we’re all so different, there’s someone out there who is the perfect blend of different-ness to mesh with you! How lucky are we that out of all those pots and all those lids, we managed to find the exact right fit? If we were all the same life, and relationships would be so boring not to mention difficult. I know that if Nick and I had the same personalities we wouldn't be able to stand each other for long. It’s so easy to find things you dislike in people, and in yourself, but why not celebrate the quirks that make you who you are – and that make you different.

Anyway, that’s my take on the subject. Thanks Elizabeth for starting the discussion! 

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