Monday, July 18

Style Inspiration #2 Jackie O

One of my greatest inspirations, not just in fashion, is Jackie O. Ever since seeing the picture of her in the car trying to collect her husbands scull off the trunk I've been fascinated by her. Her story is one of so much tragedy and yet she really triumphed over everything and focused on what was most important to her: her children. Seeing pictures of her with Caroline and John Jr brings so much warmth to my heart.
Besides being a fantastic, strong person she was of course one of the greatest style icons of all time. She never looked less then perfect, even relaxing on the beach with her children or simply walking across the street. She had an iconic and personal interpretation of classic fashions. As you can see, I had a great deal of difficulty even deciding which pictures to share!
And here's my modern interpretation of something Jackie would have worn:
Jackie O

Her legacy is a real emblem of strength and grace and as I grow older I want to emulate her style more and more.

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