Monday, July 11

Some More from our Canada Day Weekend: Food!

 We actually began our weekend at FatBurger in City Center Mall. We had heard quite a few good things and were very excited to try them for the first time. Nick is practically a burger connoisseur and if you ask he'll tell you that his favorite burger in Edmonton is the Kobe Beef burger at Lazia's. His number two: The Sicilian at Original Joes (it has a butterflied Italian sausage on it!). Anyway, we've tried a lot of burgers and after being horribly disappointed with the last gormet burger place we tried (The Deluxe Burger Bar -- what a total rip off that place is!) we were pretty impressed with FatBurger! Other then their name being a bit of a turnoff, they did a great job with the decor, and the menu! The shakes are divine and they have plenty of different varieties of burger. We decided to skip the fries, to keep the costs down, Nick had the original and I had the Hawaiian. Delish ;) 
But of course, our day didn't end with burgers. We couldn't resist acquiring our dinner from the various food trucks parked in Churchill square and especially favoring the most brilliant -- WannaWaffel. I have never in my life eaten a waffle wrapped in plastic. They don't put any syrup on it or sauce as far as I can tell, they're bare and beautiful -- with just a touch of ooey gooey sticky sweet-ness. They're rich and delicious and the cart will be out and about for all the festivals this season. Nick and I couldn't (Ok, so may more me then Nick) buying several.

We were also lucky enough to take in a free performance by 100 Mile House, a band I've heard several times on CKUA. That's their picture in there among all the food. Haha, I'm sure you're all ready for us to get back to our regularily scheduled outfit posts, but I have one more post about our fantastic weekend prepared! Also, I experienced a bit of a cooking triumph I can't wait to share with you later in the week.
See you tomorrow!

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