Wednesday, July 13

A Rainy Day Skirted

 And we return now, to our regularly scheduled outfit post. It was sure nice sharing some of my weekend with you, and I'm excited to also share my little summer vacation, and a wedding, that are both coming up in a few weeks time -- many pictures shall be taken. In the meantime, this is an outfit I wore a little while ago. It's back to rain here in Edmonton and this ASOS maxi skirt has been wonderful for wearing in such weather. It keeps me warm and comfortable while still being... a skirt! Because I like skirts!
ASOS skirt, H&M top and hair clip, Payless sandals, Smart Set belt
I must say that the skirt needs to be taken in a couple of inches on my waist -- it's just not sitting quite where I want it to. When I'll get around to that, who knows!
I had a bit of fun with the color combination, I don't know why exactly I felt the need to throw some teal in there, but a little teal never hurt anyone did it! I quite like how the teal looks with the mustard color.
 I also had an excellent hair day. Just saying. Those don't come 'round too often so I must comment when they do.
I'm a twirler alright.
I hope everyone is excited as I am to be crossing over hump day and spiraling into the latter half of the week. My sisters boyfriend is in a theater play and Mr. Nick and I are going to see it on Thursday. Tonight I am rudely intruding on boys night and hanging out with Nick and his friend (also Nick coincidentally). I expect I will be playing video games on  my own while they work out their next role-playing event. I'll probably also feed them at some point. On Saturday we're meeting up with a friend for lunch and then (if the weather is any good) going to  take in the street performers festival. (I happen to know that WannaWaffle will be there!)

Later today I'll be sharing a recipe with you! Stay tuned!

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