Monday, July 18

Musical Monday: July 18th

New playlist for you: a few favorites. Discover some new music!

I had a pretty nice weekend, the weather is getting warmer here at long last and I'm looking forward to having some time off in a couple of weeks so I can enjoy it!

Nick and I went to see our friends play, "Village of Idiots" on Friday night, and then stopped for a few drinks and really delicious nachos. On Saturday we took in the street performers festival, and had a lovely lunch out with friends which was concluded by a delicious waffle. I might be a little obsessed.
Pictures will be coming!

On Sunday my sister and I made a pilgrimage to West Edmonton Mall, and spent a good three hours shopping before the mall closed.  Going to WEM is exhausting, but so worth it! There's so much more variety there. I went into Zara for the first time and found a couple cute things, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything at Urban Outfitters to spend my 50$ gift card on. A first! Ah well, next time.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well.

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