Friday, July 29

A Little Leggy

 Wore this outfit the other day, felt great in it. I purchased this comfy, light sweater from Zara when I went with my sister to The Mall. For the longest time (and if you check out my pinterest you will see) I've been loving the look of a sweater or casual shirt with a pretty flowy skirt. Something about the contrast is so much fun to look at. I ordered a flowy orange skirt from Dorothy Perkins a few weeks ago that I am dying to pair with this sweater.

This particular skirt, however, I'm not all that fond of. It's actually the only piece of clothing I purchased in London a couple years ago. I didn't even love it at the time, but we had spent a whole day shopping and somehow none of the clothes fit me, I think because I didn't do enough research on what my UK size would be before we left. It's kind of funny to me now because I do so much shopping online from stores like Dorothy Perkins, ASOS, and TopShop.

The necklace was a gift from my intrepid cousin Jackie! Thanks love.
 I've been thinking about my outfit choices the last couple days (I've been kind of stuck on what to wear, to the point that I'm skipping breakfast some days because I try on so many outfits before I decide!) and how I always seem to want to wear dresses and skirts. I guess the warmth of the summer is so intoxicating I want to be pretty and girly and most of all  leggy at all times.

I think part of the reason for this is that this is my first summer not working retail, and back when I was working for HBC we had to wear black full length pants every single day and because I worked full time in the summer I missed out on all the skirt and dress wearing! I remember always being too hot, always being uncomfortable, and always longing for short skirts. I guess that's just one of many (but perhaps one of the best) perks of leaving retail behind me for good!

I didn't realize when I chose this picture for editing that I look half asleep, haha. I probably was.
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