Thursday, July 28

A Little Bit Eighties

I am in love with this 80's vintage dress I purchased (on sale!) from theparaders on Etsy for just 15$. It's in extraordinary condition, and is of great quality. It's 100% linen and I love the way it drapes and twirls. Of course, how can we talk about it and not mention the ridiculously bright Florida print. All those playful colors just make me smile! I'm sure it will be a great piece to wear on rainy days ( like this one) and for transitioning into fall. I'm really excited to style it with a sweater over top or something like that.
Speaking of rainy days, these photos were taken on Tuesday. The sky's opened up and it poured, hard, until mid afternoon. However, us tough types working at NAIT decided not to let that stop us and we all piled into a few cars and attended Taste of Edmonton for our lunch break. Delicious... but wet. My shoes were barely staying on my feet they were so damp and slippery. But the food, the food was great. I had a calzone, a papusa (can't resist!), a chocolate covered strawberry, and baklava. We had a great time, despite the weather. Mr. Nick and I are going back to Taste tonight for dinner, and taking his parents along for the ride. I'll be sure to get some pictures this time.
Tomorrow is Friday already! Insane. We're planning on squeezing Capital X in tomorrow night, and I reeallly would like to attend the Heritage festival Saturday morning. It's too bad it doesn't open until noon because I have a birthday party to go to in the evening, Nick is working, and I'll have to bus it around town to get there. I'm thinking I can probably squeeze in a couple hours at Heritage and then make it back in time for the birthday. Maybe. We'll see if I can find someone to go with me!

Sunday I'm leaving for a few days at Moose Lake camp so I probably won't be able to post again until Wednesday! Just a heads up!

How do you feel about wearing vintage? Do you have a favorite era?

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