Friday, July 8

Light in Lace

ASOS dress, Payless boots, Winners coat, Reitmans Belt, H&M bag
 This is the ASOS dress I splashed nail polish on moments before leaving the house the other day. *head desk* Luckily I'm pretty sure that after using nail polish remover on it, soap and water, stain removing spray, and the rinsing in the wash -- it came out. It at least seams to have come out. We'll see next time if I can still see it or not. I didn't have my camera on me this day, it was a Sunday after church, so I got Nick to do my outfit photo's with my Flip Camera! The stills are actually just still frames = bad quality. Sorry.
  In other news, the other night Mr. Nick and I spent hours just sitting with each other and talking about important life things. No TV, no lights even, haha. Something about just being with each other and learning about each other in such an intimate way was so special to me. It can sometimes be so awkward, or uncomfortable trying to talk about important life things that don't come up in normal conversations -- where do you want to be in five years, when do you want to get married, have kids, how do you feel about religion, what kind of family values and techniques do you want to use/not use when raising kids -- ocasionally uncomfortable topics -- but so important for a long term relationship! It felt really amazing to me that we could talk at length about these things.

Have a great weekend everyone, chill out, relax, and enjoy each others company. :)

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