Wednesday, July 20

Lace by the Pool

 This is the outfit I wore on Saturday when we went to the Street Performers festival. I was attempting to dress down the lace by pairing it with a brown belt and a casual vest. I added the scarf for a pop of color and sophistication. That was the idea anyway. We took the pictures by the pool/fountain because I love the light blue color of the water! Tricky devils have actually painted the bottom of the pool that color to keep it looking inviting. And inviting it is!

 We've had such funny weather in Edmonton this last week -- every day it's beautiful, sweltering hot and blue skies until about five or six when the clouds roll in and it starts to rain. I know quite a few people from BC who come to Alberta very excited to see some famous Albertan thunder storms. To me -- kinda scary. But some people love to watch the thunder, lightening and rain, and BOY to we ever have a lot of all three. Last night Nicks dad was planning on barbequing steak and it started to rain so we decided, enough of this, and headed to the nearest Boston Pizza for pasta Tuesday.
Apparently I have an H&M addiction.
Well, the week is half way through already! On Friday Nick, my sister, her boyfriend and I are all driving up to Dawson Creek BC for a Wedding on Saturday. I'm pretty nervous about highway driving since the accident so wish me luck! Nicks dad is a psychiatric nurse and has offered to sedate me so maybe I'll take him up on the offer. ;)

Happy Hump Day!

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