Thursday, July 21

The Green Dress

 The Green Dress -- I don't think there's any coincidence involved with Mr. Nicks favorite color being green, and having to wear a scarf with this dress to go to work so that my cleavage is hidden -- and the fact that this is Mr. Nicks favorite dress on me. A couple of weeks ago I wore it over a flowy blouse, and this time I styled it down with a figure defining belt and one of my favorite scarves. Two summers ago I bought this scarf, can't remember where anymore, and I'm pretty sure I wore it with every single outfit all year. It kept me cool in summer and warm in fall. It's getting a little ratty now -- doesn't hang the way it used to, but I still love it!
Changed a few things on the blog, I'm working on improving my layout now that the style and feel of the blog is a bit more established. At first it was all about making it as pretty as possible, but now that I know what my blog is about -- I wanna make it more representative of me!

This weekend we're off to a wedding in Dawson Creek BC, tonight I need to dye my hair, buy some new makeup, do my nails, and pack, and tomorrow I'm straightening my hair before we leave. I want to be able to do a pretty braided up-do or something, and crazy curls are not really conducive to that. We'll be doing a lot of driving this weekend, so wish us all a safe journey, I'm not really excited about it. The good news is that we decided to take my sisters boyfriends car so he will probably be doing most of the driving and that means Mr. Nick can sit in the back with me and keep me from going mad.

Have a good weekend everyone! And if you're in Edmonton, remember there are some wonderful events going on! Check out Capital X, the Taste of Edmonton, The Indy, or try the newly opened Queen Victoria outdoor swimming pool! I know I'm excited to!

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