Monday, July 4

Giddy Up!

Good-morning everyone! I hope we all had very exciting weekends, whether you  celebrated Canada day on Friday, or for my American friends, the fourth of July today! In any case, everyone loves a long weekend. I'll be back to post some pictures from my weekend sometime soon, Mr. Nick and I certainly kept busy, there's lots to share!
In the mean time I have a new outfit for you that I am quite proud of! I got this ASOS pussy-bow blouse in the mail recently and was quite disappointed to find it was much more of an over sized fit then I had been expecting, and I had even ordered it a size smaller than usual! Ah well, I still love the adorable horse print and was excited to style it underneath a dress!
 I wore this outfit to church on Sunday actually, I have always considered church to be a great place to try out outfits you might not be brave enough to wear during the week. I guess this is because I'm not as worried about people judging me for what I wear!
Joe Fresh Dress, ASOS blouse, Blowfish Platforms
My sister is a funny kid with her own strong sense of style (and personality) and she kept giving me these sidelong glances with a sort of pained expression on her face. What? I would ask, and she would cringe and say, 'You're sure you want to look like a school marm?"HAHA, what a compliment right? Luckily, I've been learning that my sisters opinion is not the be all end all in fashion and more then anything I have to keep to my own taste and wear what I like! I think that's one of the greatest lessons I've learned from Style blogging, it's not about someone else's style, it's about developing my own!

My hair looks like that, by the way, because I had it braided the day before! I occasionally french braid my hair before bed and then wear it braided for a whole day while it sllllowwwly dries. When I take it out, my hair looks like this! All crimpy. Also, the color looks very red here, but I can assure you, that's just the light!