Thursday, July 28

Folk Festival: What to Bring

As I said yesterday, I've been to the Folk Festival twice: once for the whole blessed weekend and once for one evening session. I've seen all kinds of weather at the festival and have a pretty good idea as to how to prepare. Last year when Nick and I went it rained almost the entire time and because we had only come for the evening, we were relegated to the steepest part of the big hill for the performance. The rain made mud, annnd the mud made us slide on our buts continually down hill. This year we're bringing some small tent pegs to stop our chairs from sliding. Wish us luck!


Festival by Light A Candle featuring a flap bag

Anyway, here's my list. I want to bring a waterproof jacket that can be rolled up and stuffed in one of our backpacks, my boots since last year I was wearing sandals and my feet were veery uncomfortable and soggy, our chairs, tarp, water, bug spray, and most importantly some sun protection!

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