Monday, July 25

Dots and Spots

I kinda love this outfit, haha, I felt inspired when I realized there was nothing stopping me from mixing polka-dots and an 'animal print'. This top is so comfortable and is quickly becoming the most remixed item in my closet. These shoes are also my new favorite pair! They're sooo comfy, which is amazing considering I have great difficulty finding flats I find comfy and I bought them for ten dollars from Ardene's. Who would have thought.
 This week Mr. Nick and I are planning on doing a lot of laying about to make up for our exhausting car trip on the weekend, haha, but I would really like to get out to the Taste of Edmonton festival and Capital X sometime soon. Neither of us are big rides people, but I love the midway! And I've never had a boy win me a teddy bear before which, if you believe films, is a pivotal moment in a relationship.
Next weekend I have a family birthday party on Saturday, then we're leaving for Moose Lake Camp for a few days! I haven't been for years, but when I was growing up we went every year with my cousins and always had a blast. This year Mr. Nick is coming, I love to share with him places and people who have been important in my life and this is no different. I hope he enjoys himself despite the fact he's not a big camp person!

How is your summer going? What are your plans? How do you like to spend your summer, lazing around in the sun, entertaining, going out?  I would love to hear from you. :)

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