Tuesday, July 5

Canada Day: What I Wore

Sunglasses and Bag: H&M, Shorts: Bluenotes
 So this is what I wore on Canada Day! Super casual, I bought these patriotic (read: Red) sunglasses from H&M for $2.60! Just right for the occasion. I started the day wearing a redish T as well, but when we decided to go to the go kart/BBQ event, I decided to change. It's a womans prerogative right?
I wish I could remember where I got that T! It has a great lace back!
The mosquito's were insane at the racetrack, which didn't make a whole lot of sense to me since it's basically a large cement parking lot..
Mr Nick was wearing a red shirt all day and I remember suggesting he change into an earthier hue since I recently read about Mosquito's being attracted to bright colors --- I didn't even connect he was wearing red because of Canada day until just now! No wonder he didn't want to change. Sorry Nick! ;p

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