Monday, July 4

Canada Day at the race track!

Despite how it looks... I was definitely wearing pants! ;p
 On Canada Day Mr. Nick, his father Mr. Jewell, and I all went to the racetrack for a BBQ being put on by one of Mr. Jewell's co-workers. The food was delicious and the cars were crazy! I got my picture taken in a Lamborghini  Murcielago!
After the oohing and awing, Mr. Nick SUITED UP! And so did his Dad!
 It was his first time go-karting and he enjoyed himself immensely, and I enjoyed being on the sidelines taking photo's! I'm proud to say that Mr. Nick came in 6th out of 15, which, for his first time I think is darned impressive.
 It was a very cool experience for us, one we would both like to repeat. Except next year I'm definitely going to give the go-karting a try! If nothing else, it sure looks like fun. After the BBQ we went back to Nick's house where we had a marshmallow roast and caught a little bit of an illegal fireworks show from a field behind the neighborhood. It was a great day, and only the beginning of a great weekend!