Tuesday, July 5

The Black Eyed Keys

 On Wednesday Last week Nick, my sister April, and our friend Angie all went to see Mr. Nicks current favorite band (behind The Red Hot Chili Peppers of course) The Black Keys.
We had a great time, and as predicted, the music was pretty amazing.
They put on a great light show, and as you may be able to tell, my favorite bit was the giant disco ball. You just don't see those any more do you?

I don't actually have any photos of what I wore... sadly... because I looked pretty hot ;p

As you may be wondering, the title of this post is a bit of an in joke, which I shall now share with you. One of my friends from work went to see the Black Keys on Wednesday too, but he had never heard of the band before and kept on referring to them as "The Black Eyed Keys". Unfortunately now I'm having a hard time keeping it straight... I have a very impressionable mind you know!

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