Tuesday, July 26

Aaron and Bonnies Wedding

This was the first foray for my sister into online shopping, I'm so proud ;p
 So after the six hour drive to Dawson Creek we were able to really enjoy the beautiful wedding we had come to celebrate. Bonnie and Aaron are a really sweet, loving couple and their wedding was very intimate and joyful.
I couldn't get over how enthusiastic he was as soon as some music he liked came on
 The ceremony was intended to take place outside, unfortunately it rained and poured so we ended up in a church for the ceremony. Luckily however, the rain cleared up long enough for the bridal party to have all their pictures taken. While they were doing that, we went off to our hotel and checked in, watched a little Iron Chef America, and then headed off to the reception which was held at a little community venue outside of Dawson where the wine flowed and we were treated to a home made dinner of boiled potatoes, sausages, corn on the cob and much more.
Straight hair! How bizarre!
All in all we had a lovely, if tiring, weekend. It was fun to spend time with my sister and her boyfriend too. Mr. Nick and Dallas are actually best friends so the four of us have a pretty good dynamic. Next up, a bit more detail on what I wore to the wedding!

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