Monday, June 6

Vacation Cancelled!

 On the highway, on the way to our mini beach vacation, we were in a pretty bad car accident. Mr. Nick was driving and my dad was in the back seat when some guy turned left onto a range road right in front of us, I guess he just got impatient and decided not to wait for a proper gap in traffic. There was nothing we could have done to stop ourselves from hitting him, which means we're going to come out of this on top -- and Mr. Nick gets a new car. But it could have been really bad. Other then my fathers fractured  clavicle, everyone is just bruised. So thank god for that. Nick and I couldn't stop telling each other over the last couple of days: I'm so glad you're OK. So let this be a reminder to everyone that seat belts are life savers, and that you can only control yourself on the road, and not other people.
Drive safe!