Thursday, June 16

The Road Goes Ever On...

It's been a trying couple of weeks since the accident -- we're coming up on 2 weeks tomorrow. Finding out that the other party in our accident didn't have any insurance, and that Nick didn't have any collision coverage on his policy, made everything a great deal more stressful. Endless amounts of paperwork, phone calls, and appointments have knocked our lives off balance. Nick was forced to pay everything, from the towing and storage fees, to the purchase of a new vehicle, out of pocket, which is a huge financial hole we did not expect ourselves to land in, having just finished saving for him to return to school in January.

As such, I've been helping out with what I have which only led to bigger stresses -- since buying a new car is a hell of a lot more difficult when you have to consider two opinions instead of just your own. I learned a valuable lesson about love and compromise this week, and I think we'll be stronger for it.

This week we also met with a lawyer, and although I'll ultimately end up with less money then I would have had the insurance company stepped in,  because of lawyer fees (25.5-33.5%), I think it will be worth it just to have someone else take care of everything for me. Someone who knows what they're doing and will act on my behalf. My parents and Nick are still considering, but she had me sold at "we'll do it for you..."

I hope everyone is having a good June... I feel like I've missed out on my entire birthday month! I had my birthday party this past Saturday, which was a great time, but unfortunately there will be no forthcoming photos. I did however, receive the flip camera I wanted -- so there will be videos! Stay tuned, and stay shiny.