Tuesday, June 21

My Birthday

Well, it's been over two weeks since I turned 22, but I'm just getting around to posting pictures of the day now! I stayed home from work as my present to myself and spent a little extra time getting ready, and I wore a dress that's been lingering in my closet since last summer. I hadn't worn it yet because it's sheer, but now that I own a few slips, it was time to break it out!
Dress -- swapped at a fashion swap!
 Mr. Nick referred to me as a hippy, and I certainly felt like one! Luckily I have always been able to embrace the ways of the hippy, and I was not offended in the least.
Top-- H&M
 It was a good day, warm, and sunny -- and filled with delicious food and treats!
Necklace -- Gift from my late Grandmother, Belt-- made from piping
 I found some piping from a sewing project that hasn't gotten underway yet and cut a length to use as a belt. I've always wanted a rope belt -- and this did the trick.
 I had a lot of fun doing my hair, I used a tutorial I found online -- can't remember where from, but if I do I'll link to it here! It was definitely a bit of a challenge to french braid sideways but I liked how it turned out. Especially from the back...

Things are much more dry in my basement today, luckily, and my room is oddly clean. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing. It looks like the week is getting back on track. It does appear to be particularity busy coming up -- I have an all day conference at work tomorrow (ick), and Thursday is my Convocation, so be prepared for a shower of unfashionable black gown images. ;)