Wednesday, June 29

A Curious Color Combination

Jeans: Zellers, Shoes:The Bay, Top: Smart Set? I think?
These pants are a happy color. There's something nice about an unexpected burst of happy color. Of course, I'm not brave enough yet to wear them with a patterned top -- I am working in that direction though, believe me. I fully intent to wow you one of these days with a yellow patterned top and fuchsia pants. Finding the right top is the only delay, and that is my solemn vow.
Watch: Ardene's , glasses: Smart Set, Bow: Ardene's
I find myself writing and talking with a bit of a different tone, I blame it on being half way through reading a C.S. Lewis novel ("Till we Have Faces", one of my favorites since my favorite elementary school teacher loaned it to me in grade six). When I read it makes my writing better -- I'm pretty sure of it. Of course it also makes me sound like a crazy person, with all the solemn vowing and such -- but what's life without a few dramatic flourishes?
I think my favorite part of this outfit is the bow! Something about big hair bows makes me inexplicably delighted. Plus, there's a little bit of green in the bow so I thought that justified wearing my bright green watch.

In other news, the quickly approaching weekend boasts such delights as Canada day! Are any of you Canadian readers planning something special? Last year I we didn't do much, but the year before we spent it in Camrose watching fireworks and listening to live music, and getting henna tatoos! That was a blast. This year we are debating between staying in town or going out to Camrose and our cabin by Red Deer lake.

A part of me desperately wants to escape the city and relax for the long weekend, but a different part of me isn't comfortable driving on the highway yet. It's funny, the accident didn't affect how I felt with city driving too badly, but the thought of driving on the highway made me burst into unexpected tears.

Anyway, there are going to be all kinds of fun activities in the city, so maybe we'll stay here and celebrate!

I may not be around to post again until Monday, if that's the case, have a great Canada day long weekend!