Friday, June 24


Yesterday was my convocation! It's a strange feeling, considering I haven't taken any classes for over a year while I've been at my practicum. It feels in many ways like I've been graduated for that long -- and yet the learning never stops. Nor, I expect, will it ever.
It was a bit of a rough evening -- I was running late, I was having difficulty choosing shoes, then I spilled nail polish on my new ASOS dress (anyone know how to remove nail polish from lace???) then I had to choose a new dress and new shoes at the last moment, then I had to eat in the car because we had to go, then I was given the wrong color convocation gown and hat, then I had to wait in a long line for my name card. So it was a little bit stressful, and a little bit crazy, but it felt amazing to be done at the end of the night and celebrate with family the end of my university career (I hope).
There were a handful of people there I recognized -- folks who had been in my classes for the first three years of my University degree, and folks who I met through Mr. Nick, while he was still working on his Music diploma (Which he will be finishing next year).
So congratulations to all of you students of life, moving onto your next lesson this spring. I know you will all be successful (because I happen to know you are incredibly talented!) And I am thankful that I had my chance to meet you all before you become the next generation of famous authors, screenwriters, and musicians. ;)