Monday, June 20

The Changing of the Seasons

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your weeks are off to a better start then mine. I was awoken quite rudely in the middle of the night by water pouring in through the window above my bed. It's been raining quite consistently here and, living in a basement as is the way of many grown children, I'm not entirely unused to flooding in my room. I have learned many valuable lessons about keeping items of value on the floor. That doesn't mean I keep my floor clean mind you, just clean of valuables. My chief concern was the electrical outlet directly beneath the water fall. Luckily I think I woke up in time to prevent any serious consequences.
 I shared some flower pictures on the blog previously, but I've taken some more since. The rapid change in the cherry blossom flowers was both sad and beautiful to me -- for a brief moment the entire city was pink and red and then, as quickly as they appeared to beautify our streets and yards, they disintegrated.
Still, despite the fleeting life of the cherry blossom, other flowers are blooming in the yard, and pinks give way for the purple of the lilacs and the red of the poppies. The first flower in this post is one that is just blooming, and thankfully, blooms for most of the summer. At night it closes up but the sun always coaxes it back into the day.
Even when withered the flowers can be beautiful, that's what I learned this spring -- to appreciate every stage of life and every moment we have to grasp it.

Tomorrow I'll be back with an outfit post! In fact, the long awaited outfit that I wore on my Birthday, June 1st. I completely forgot I had it after the accident, but can't wait to post it now!