Thursday, June 2


Yesterday was my twenty-second birthday and I had a blast. My dad made me waffles, we went for pizza at Fomoso (my favorite) followed by their delicious Affagato (espresso and gelato, mmmmm) then Mr. Nick, my sister and I went for a little shop, after which my mum made a beautiful dinner with all of my favorites, and we all vegged out and watched Community on Netflix. Best day ever? Perhaps.

Mr. Nick Got me the Flip video camera I wanted, and some beautiful Mass Effect Lithographs for our future games room, and my parents got me the new Kobo E-reader touch. April (my sis) brought me back beautiful hand made earrings which will no doubt be premiering here very soon.

So thanks everyone for your birthday wishes and kind words, and thanks family for making my 22'nd birthday a fantastic day. I had so much fun. :)