Thursday, May 19

Workin' Hard

This is my work outfit. Not my usual work outfit mind you, but my down and dirty movie making outfit. That is to say, I wore this outfit on Monday when I was shooting an educational video about using a hacksaw. I was told to wear long pants and long sleeves, and this happens to be my only long sleeve shirt. Who would have thought. I like it much better with the sleeves rolled up though... I wonder what that means about me. It's been a bit of a stressful week at work, but a good week, and today we'll find out if our project is approved. So wish me luck!

 In other news, it's been very windy here in Alberta. Some of you will have heard of the horrible consequences the wind has had on some smaller communities that have been ravaged by wildfires. Luckily, here in Edmonton the wind is more of just a nuisance. I'm hoping it calms down so that this weekend I can have a campfire!
Wood bangles and Bracelet were gifts!
The scarf is new, its so cozy, I love wearing it! I think I'll wear it with every outfit from now on, just a heads up. ;)