Friday, May 20


ThreadSense Dress, Show Warehouse Sandals
Finally I get some good pics of this outfit, I've had it kicking around for a few months but only worn it a few times.
I wore this dress earlier in the week -- as you can see, still windy. It was fun to wear though, I got a few compliments. I don't know why I fell in love when I saw this dress online -- I think it was the colors and the water color pattern! It was just so different from other patterns I was familiar with. It's a very light fabric, and comfy to wear, which makes it perfect for the summer. I also love the slightly longer hem line which is great for work (and play). I did have to hem it a little though, I'm a bit shorter then the beautiful model on the website. ;)
Guess what my friends? I am an official university graduate. It feels so wonderful to be truly done, despite the fact that I haven't had an exam for over a year (do to my practicum), knowing I won't have to ever do another one makes me feel even better. I think as a graduation present to me I'm going to fork out the ridiculous shipping costs and snag a new Modcloth dress for Convocation.
Reitmans Belt
In other news, The Boy and I have started watching Community from the beginning on Netflix (which is a life altering, wonderful service for those of you who, like us, can never manage to sit down in front of the TV at the same time every week). It's a super hilarious show, which I suspected before, but know for sure now!
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