Wednesday, May 18

That Spring-time Feeling

Vintage Coco California Dress Via Huckleberry Vintage on Etsy
I am so happy to finally introduce you to my newest vintage piece via Huckleberry Vintage. When I saw this beautiful floral pattern I had to have the dress and I was lucky enough that it fit! I would say the torso is a little long for me, but it's not a big deal. The fabric is very comfortable, and it's the  perfect length. Plus ... YELLOW! ;)
Thrifted vintage purse, Expressions Oxfords from the Bay
I keep seeing people with one nail painted in a different color then the rest of thier fingers and I decided to give it a try. Quite liked it too -- although not many people noticed or seemed to care. Only Mr. Nick said -- what's going on with your nails? At least he noticed. ;p

Speaking of Mr. Nick, my dad took these pics as the boy was busy sleeping off an all night video game lock in at the local internet cafe. He's lucky I'm just as nerdy as he is. ;)

I wore this dress to church on Sunday, and it just felt so springy and light! When I got home to take my pictures I couldn't help noticing all the flowers that were springing up in the yard! It's so wonderful to have spring emerging all around me -- I am finally faced with non refutable evidence that winter is finally ended!

Happy Hump day!

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