Thursday, May 5

Summer Summer

Wow, I've spent so long complaining about how cold it's been that I've been caught off guard by how warm it is now! Today our air conditioner is broken in my office and it is sweltering!
I've received some wonderful things in the mail this past week that I thought I should tell you about.

First off, this beautiful vintage dress:
The good news is that it fits perfectly! This is always a concern when I'm ordering online, luckily the Etsy seller I picked it up from, fmvintage, took some accurate measurements and I slipped into that dress like it was made for me. I also adore the color, and the twirly silhouette! My parents always tease me because when I was a little girl I would only wear dresses that twirled. ;)

The not so good news is that the skirt portion of the dress is unlined and completely sheer. Hurumph. This means I need to buy me a slip before I can wear it! And with the dress in mind for summer, I had hoped not to add any other layers. Ah well. The other issue is that the top portion of the dress is lined, but in such a manner that the interior seams show through. It's odd.

Ah well, once I add a slip and a nude bra I should be good to go, and that little knotted waist detail is to die for!

The other thing to come in the mail:
 My Blowfish Garren Platforms! I've been lusting after them for months and they were sold out in all the stores I could find that ship to Canada. Finally, I found them on, luckily they ship here (although not on all items) and man, are they fast! I payed for their cheapest shipping option and the shoes arrived at my doorstep before the money had even come off my Visa! Literally, two days. I nod my hat to you

Anyway, that's what's going on in my world right now, sorry no outfit for today, I'm saving yesterdays photos for tomorrow since I'm looking pretty much melted today.

Have a great Thursday!