Wednesday, May 11

A Simple and Comfy Outfit for Mid-Week

HUE jeggings, H&M top, Mark's Cardigan
I feel like it's been a long time since I wore pants ;p I pulled this top out of the back of the closet where it's been hibernating all winter and was all too happy to introduce it to spring time. It's a fun floral print that I couldn't resist when I saw it last season at H&M, in fact, it's a couple sizes too big because they didn't have mine left and I wanted it too much to say no! I love how flattering the ruffles are.
Shoe Warehouse sandals, ASOS necklace, LLYMLRS Ring
I bought these natural wood bangles in Vancouver last year while I was on vacation with my folks. It was a weird in between job's time and I didn't have a lot of spending money so I only bought two, but now I wish I had bought much more! I'm always like that on vacation, I don't want to spend anything until the very end because I'm afraid something better is around the next corner. I still wish I had spent more when I was in Europe, all I came away with from two separate trips  was one skirt, one dress, a necklace, and a pair of shoes. What was I thinking! There's nothing more fun then being asked where you purchased something and getting to say, London!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far, happy Hump Day! Get out there and do something fun!

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