Tuesday, May 3


Dynamite Skirt, Ruche booties, H&M top, Le Chateau Shrug
 I really need to learn to take my own pictures. I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago and was so proud of myself! Do you ever have those days when you wake up knowing exactly what to wear? Almost as though you've been inspired in a dream? This was that kind of outfit, I woke up and threw it on and looked in the mirror to see that it was good. Unfortunately my boy was MIA that day, and my parents were out and my sister is unhelpful at the best of times so there was no one around to take my picture! I was so depressed all day when I realized I wouldn't get to share my outfit. Luckily I was able to recreate it a week or so later when I was convinced no one would remember I wore it already. It was a good thing I didn't interact with anyone that first day.
The necklace was my grandmothers, she kept all her jewelry in the original boxes so I happen to know it was from Woodwards. I think being purchased at Woodwards should automatically make you vintage considering it's been closed since I was a kid. My Mum was a manager there in the shoe department or something and she has all kinds of stories and still meets old people in the street who she calls "Woodwards buddies".
I like the military inspired details of this skirt but it gets so wrinkly just from me sitting down! Does anyone have any tips for not wrinkling your clothes while wearing them? I guess it just means I'll have to break the iron out more often.

In other news, I got a few packages in the mail yesterday, which is the most wonderful feeling in the world. (Help I'm addicted to internet shopping BTW) I received Fable 3 for X-Box which was a free game I got for signing up for X-Box Live Gold (nerdiness becomes me right?). Thanks Microsoft! It only took you three months! I also received two necklaces and a ring I ordered from ASOS.

These are the necklaces, the first one spins and says "love makes the world go round" the second one says "Hello Sailor". I love them! The ring didn't work out quite as well. I ordered a large and was worried it might be too large, but it ended up being too small! I have really chubby fingers it turns out. Since I don't really feel like returning a ten dollar purchase to the UK, I've decided to put the ring up for giveaway on the blog! So stay tuned you small fingered folks!

I'm still expecting two dresses, a pair of shoes, some broaches and some wooden buttons in the mail! I've been banned from purchasing anything for awhile now. ;)

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