Friday, May 6

Navy Blue and a Kangaroo

It's been an unusually busy week, but all in all, a good week. Happy Friday everyone! This outfit is from Tuesday, and although it's super warm right now, when this was taken it was blustery and a bit cold! In fact, when I put this outfit on I was wearing bare legs and adorable open toed sandals. Alas, it was not to be. I looked out the window and realized it was pouring rain. So this is my outfit adapted for inclement weather.
I did get a chance to break out the first of my new ASOS necklaces! I never used to wear gold jewelry so I paired the only gold earrings I had with it they happen to be zippers! I thought they at least added a little playfulness to the whole thing.

Yesterday, Mr. Nick and I took advantage of a Groupon I had purchased a while back and ventured to Whyte Avenue which is 'the happening place' in Edmonton. It's a great place for shopping, there are lots of vintage shops and interesting boutiques you won't find anywhere else. It's also a great place for dining! The place we went is called Walkabout Pub, they're the only Australian place in town! I did not expect their food to be as amazing as it was, and we tried all the outlandish items on the menu. Our little Australian vacation!
I know, I know, Kangaroo's are too adorable to be eaten, but I maintain that I will try everything once! In the end, we found the Kangaroo burger to be a bit overpowering of a flavor, and preferred the milder Ostrich burger which had pineapple on it! I love pineapple... on everything. The fries were absolutely the best I've ever had, I think from the pic you can tell they're breaded before they're fired which makes them super crispy and crunchy and oh so sinfully delicious. Nick paired his meal with an Australian Stout beer, and I even gave it a try!

Anyway, it was a lovely night which we ended with a cupcake at one of Whyte Avenues specialty cupcake spots. Just perfect. If you ever get the chance to try Walkabout Pub, take it! I think I've added another reason to the very long list of why I want to go to Australia.

Happy weekend friends, I'll be posting a new feature sometime before Monday!

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