Tuesday, May 10

My Yellow Dress Obsession

Vintage Dress from FMVintage on Etsy
Last week I told you about the arrival of my first yellow dress. It came in a soft package covered in stamps, wrapped up like a Christmas present. I picked it up off the table and felt it -- definitely clothes in there. When I was a kid I would poke holes in the packages under the tree and peak inside (I've never been able to resist a spoiler) but this time I was free to rip it apart without waiting! Out came this beautiful yellow creation! I've been dreaming about a bright yellow dress since I fell in love with the Rockstar Diaries blog. Taza has so much bright yellow in her wardrobe and I got to thinking, I want to look that happy! I was so glad when I found this one on Etsy and I instantly fell in love with the color, silhouette, and rope waist detail.
Blowfish Platforms: Amazon.com, Slip: The Bay
After buying myself my first slip, (the bottom of the dress is unlined and sheer) I was ready to wear it out over the weekend!

I was also excited to rock my brand new Blowfish Garren platforms! I've been seeing them all over the blogosphere lately and had to have a pair of my own. They're just as comfortable and chic as I imagined they would be, not at all hard to walk in. I wore them with some floral socks to give the outfit a little more whimsy. ;)


Mr. Nick and I took these photo's first thing then headed to Cora's for brunch. Cora's is such a lovely treat. It's a bit expensive, but it's delicious! Crepes and french toast, all topped with mountains of fresh fruit! It's not as busy on weekdays because it's only open for breakfast and lunch, but on weekends the line is always out the door. Luckily it went quite quickly! 

H&M floral socks, Necklace: Gift
I told you I was a twirler! I felt very 70's in this outfit, probably a mixture of the vintage dress and the platforms ;p All in all, it made for a very lovely Saturday.

By the way, that's my dad's vintage Ambassador named Scarlet in our driveway, I thought she would complete the look. Poor Scarlet, she's been waiting to get fixed up for as long as I can remember!

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