Monday, May 2

My Jackie O Outfit

Winners jacket, BlueNotes jeans, Marks blouse, Shoe Warehouse Heels
I woke up Sunday morning with the idea that I wanted to put together my best Jackie O inspired outfit. My sister looked at me and said, "you look like a 50's housewife." "I know" I said, and she scowled. My sister does a lot of scowling.
I was inspired by Jackies crisp white button downs, trousers, and pearls. I added some little vintage earrings I had and my new vintage purse I was telling you about! A recent acquisition from the local goodwill. I also put on my biggest, most Jackie like sunglasses to complete the look -- opting for a nude heel to make my legs look longer. The jackets not really part of 'the look', but it's still too chilly to go without one!
Vintage: Necklace, bag, earrings, and belt
I had a pretty lazy weekend, Mr. Nick and I took an exciting trip to the Zoo complete with picnic! Nick loves wolves so we were there for a special wolf presentation with the Zoo's two hand reared arctic wolves. Being so close to them without the bars in the way was amazing! They seem just like a husky dog... albeit one that could tear your face off. It was pretty chilly and we almost had our picnic in the car but luckily the clouds cleared up around lunch time and the sun came out just long enough for us to roll around in the grass and soak up some rays! I unfortunately forgot my camera that day, hence the unrelated pictures, but Nick took some with his IPod so I might be able to post more about it later!
Nick caught this one of me adjusting the curls!
Jackie and Caroline
This is my favorite picture of Jackie, she's such an inspiring woman. A fashion icon, a strong and beautiful lady, and a wonderful mother. Looking at pictures of her on the beach in her white button down and tan trousers makes me want to jet off to the beach too. Doesn't she look happy?

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