Monday, May 30

Me in a Maxi

Maxi Dress: H&M, Top: Old! Bag: Blue Notes

One of my besties, Carolyn, gifted me with this Maxi dress (and a matching hair accessory) as an early birthday present this week. We went shopping together so I got to pick it out. Best way to find a gift I say! Plus, trying on clothes and walking around the mall with a friend is part of the fun ;)
Blowfish Garren Platforms:
I decided pretty quickly it would be perfect for a lazy Saturday -- so that's when I wore it! I paired it with a white button down a casual necklace (Let's here it for Firefly fans shall we! This one always reminds me of Wash and Zoe because Wash is a leaf, and Zoe wore a leather necklace instead of a wedding ring), and my Garren platforms for a little oomph. I'm excited to have shoes which match this bag-- I'm a shoes and bag matching kinda gal and I've never had shoes to go with it before. I think I will wear it much more often now.
Gosh Gold Nail Polish, Teal Saphora Eyeliner
I might go back to H&M and buy a couple more of these Maxi's in other colors -- they're an  inexpensive way to buy into the trend, and totally comfortable! The other think I like about these ones in particular is that they have a drawstring at the waist for definition.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and to those of you who celebrate memorial day, I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!