Tuesday, May 24

Long Weekend

HUE jeggings via The Bay, Shoes via Shop Ruche, Drapey top  Pure: Alfred Sung via Zellers
 This is my slouchy shirt. It is the most comfortable item of clothing I happen to own. Like... soooo comfortable. I could sleep in it. I wont though.... because once you've slept in a piece of clothing it is then pajamas and cannot be worn in public ever again. It's a good thing I resisted that one, because I intend to wear it on many more occasions.
Scarf via Winners, Earrings: Gift, Feather ring: craft fair, Stone ring: Gift
 I tried to dress it up a little for work with my jewelry and shoes, and I think I was successful. I couldnt resist my new scarf though... it had to be brought into the  mix.
 I had a wonderful long weekend if anyone is interested, here in Canada it was Victoria Day and my family celebrated by heading out to our 'lake lot'. It's actually ten acres on a duck pond, but what have you. It's full of wild life, and far enough from the city to be peaceful. My dad is a bit of a photographer and loves wandering in the bush taking pictures of birds and wild mushrooms. Anyway, we headed there Sunday and spent the night. My parents had been there since Friday and when we met up they were as brown as Californian beach bums. I thought i would get a little sun in but low, as soon as we arrived it began to rain and continued to do so until we left. A bit of a bummer, but it allowed me and Nick to catch up on our cuddling time, and read some magazines. I really need to find a good book...
Remember a few days ago when I posted a picture of the buds starting to appear on our cherry (I think that's what it is?) bush? Well now it's in full bloom. All over the city these flowers are very prevalent right now, along with dogwood blooms and other beautiful blossoms. I'm always sad to see them go... it's important to enjoy them while they last!
 Mr. Nick, his mummy, and I went to the Make it Edmonton craft fare last weekend and bought some great locally made goods. Among them, this new addition to Nicks fathers Gnome garden (Which can be seen in some of the pictures above)! It replaced one of his colored gnomes that cracked during our long and cold winter. This little guy is  made of solid cement, and isn't gonna break so easily! We bought him from a vendor which I think was called Highlands Cement Company, or something along those lines.  I love buying hand made and local goods! Plus, he was only 20$! I also got the gold feather ring from the craft show, I'll have to look up the vendor as I don't presently recall!