Monday, May 9

Hello Sailor

Urban Outfitters dress, Mark's Cardigan
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was fairly uneventful. We had house guests so my mum was a bit distracted -- its hard to pamper someone who's busy cooking for eight! All in all it was a fairly lazy few days spent playing Fable 3 and walking around the lake.
ASOS necklace, don't remember where I got the shoes.
I was having a great hair day on Friday, when these photo's were taken. I think it had something to do with no hot water being left in the shower when I rinsed out my conditioner. My hair responds well to the very cold, more shine and more volume!
You may recognize this dress from when I wore it as a skirt here .
I should have taken off the cardigan to show you the back of the dress! It's super cute. Next time!

When I got home on this day I threw those sandals away. Haha, just put them in the garbage. I don't ever remember being as uncomfortable in a pair of shoes then I was this day. I had blisters on the bottoms of my feet! They just rubbed in all the wrong places. It was strange because I've had those sandals for years and years and never found them THAT uncomfortable.

On another note, I'm loving my new ASOS necklace! How cute! I just need to collect some more nautical clothing to style it with. I need a pair of navy sailor shorts!

PS. Am planning on closing the FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY soon, so please enter with a comment on the post, or post a link to let everyone know what they're missing out on!