Tuesday, May 17

Fantastic Friday! (Again)

Dynamite Blouse, Mark's skirt, Shoe Warehouse Kitten Heels

This is the outfit I wore on Friday for work -- if you missed my last Fantastic Friday post, my boss decided Fridays should be casual no more, and instead he raised a banner and cried -- "Suit Up!"
So I tried my best!
Pin: Luxxor Vintage Necklace, gift
I got some new little broaches in the mail, and I think I wore this kitten three days in a row, I love him that much. These shoes however, I do not so much love. In fact, this whole day was filled with cuts and scrapes. The back of my heel from the shoes, and my knee from my desk! I didnt even know I could cut myself on a desk, but apparently if there's a way I will find it.

It was a very blustery day, as you can see from my hair! Also note my classy lanyard! ;p