Tuesday, May 31

The Draw of the Short Skirt and 30 outfits!

Winners skirt, Polly Magoo's shirt
This is one of those tricky shirts for me, it's all baggy and hard to style... but really cute! It's from a little store on our Whyte Avenue called Polly Magoo's, all their clothes are imported from India and just so beautifully unique. It's actually the first time I've ever tried tucking the thing into a skirt, so color me brilliant. Wearing this skirt without tights feels so risque! It's probably the shortest thing I own. This was date night, so it's all good I guess.
ASOS necklace, Shoe Warehouse heel, LLYMRS ring
My cat, Missy, (short for Mischief of course) came to see us while we were taking pictures and Mr. Nick got all distracted with the camera. She is adorable and sweet, so I can't blame him. Her favorite thing to do is roll in the dirt. I keep telling her the lyrics are rolling in the deep, but she doesn't care.

You know what's kind of cool? This is my 30th outfit post! Can you imagine? It seems pretty crazy to me. Two months into this whole blogging thing and it's not going too terribly.
The best part has been getting to know more bloggers, some of whom are excellent and adorable people. True story.
The other great thing about style blogging is having an excuse to buy more clothes... although I know I have to reign myself in!
The place where I'm standing happens to be where we plant the catnip every summer....

Guess what else... my birthday is tomorrow! Today I got the festivities off to a good start when my friend Amy gifted me an ASOS gift card ;p Lucky me! Now the choice of what to buy is on my shoulders... and it's hard to choose! I'm currently debating between a mint pussy-bow blouse, a cute Aldo clutch, a ditsy floral dress, and a pair of sailor shorts. Advice?

Tomorrow I may not be around to post as my family is taking me for lunch, after which my mum is taking me for my first pedicure. I'm super excited! I'm not sure what will follow but it's bound to be a great day.

I hope you all have a great week!