Wednesday, April 20

Who could hang a name on you?

Winners Blouse, Marks Trousers, Smart Set Belt, Shoe Warehouse Wedges
Tuesdays outfit, work casual I guess. I wanted to mix my new pink blazer with some colors other then pink, so I went for oranges. The scarf in my hair is vintage! Another throwback to my Grandmothers closet.
I was kinda bummed out that day, probably because I woke myself up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Then work seemed to take forever, the clock never budging. Silly me!
Dynamite Blazer, Vintage Scarf, Gifted Necklace (Thanks Tonni!)

Mr. Nick and I had planned to go see Hanna in theaters that day because on Tuesdays movie tickets cost considerably less and we wanted to try Dbox, which are virtual reality type chairs that move and vibrate in sync with the film, and the tickets are really expensive (20$)! SO, Tuesdays are a much better deal if you're thinking about giving it a try.

ASOS Earings, Gifted Sunglasses
Nick did something really sweet and took off from work a little early to surprise me at home. We took my pictures, then went to Famoso Pizzeria!  I think it's currently our favorite restaurant, everything is fresh, delicious, and really affordable! The pizza was 15$ whereas Boston Pizza is more like 25$, and it's so much tastier!We were a little disappointed to discover out favorite pizza, which has ricotta cheese on it, was no longer available because it was a winter special. Ah well, new tasty experiences await for spring and summer! Who knew I would miss something about winter right?
We finished with the Nutella pizza, it comes in a small size, which was perfect for two, and it was delicious! Then we headed to the movie theater. The Dbox experience was quite interesting, I found it was well dispersed throughout the film so you weren't distracted too much by it, which was good. It was really tastefully used, and as such, contributed to the overall film experience. I loved the movie, definitely one of my favorites! The cinematography, writing, and acting were all excellent!

Overall, it turned out to be one of the best dates/days I've had in awhile, despite the shaky start! I'm so lucky to be with the most amazing man who knows exactly how to treat me and cheer me up.
Thanks love!


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