Saturday, April 16

What I'm wishing for...

These are the things I'm wishing for this spring and summer season.

Remember when I mentioned I was dying for a yellow dress? Well, there isn't one on this list because I just bought a beautiful vintage one from Huckleberry Vintage! Here is is:
Gorgeous right? I'm very excited about it. I was linked there from Selective Potentials blog because of a giveaway she's doing and I couldn't even wait to see if I had won! I had to snatch it up immediately! That's the thing with vintage pieces... there's only one!

Some of the other things I'm wanting are a stone ring, a wooden bangle, feather earrings, a shirt with a scalloped hem, a jean jacket, and THE Garren platforms from blowfish that are so popular around the blogosphere right now.  It's frustrating because Blowfish doesn't ship to Canada, and the only site I can find them in stock at the moment is ASOS, and they're 50$ more then anywhere else! What's with that ASOS? I usually love you so desperately.

Well, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, I'll be back on Monday!


  1. That dress is fantastic--congratulations for snapping it up successfully. That's really lame that things are so expensive/impossible to get to Canada. It's not like it's that much further. Ship it to the nearest US state and drive the border? Haha, just kidding. Still, that's very annoying, I'd imagine.

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  2. @ Sarah
    It is super lame! I have to check every website first thing to see if they ship here before I fall in love with stuff! I have many times considered getting a PO box in Washington or something, LOL, but I don't get down there very often! Or... ever. It's quite a long drive! If I lived in lower BC or something I definitely would.


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