Friday, April 15


Striped shirt: Dynamite, Hue Jeggings: The Bay
 I wanted to inject some nautical-ness into my wardrobe so I picked up this shirt on sale the other day. I realized after that it's not as nautical without the right accessories! I need to pick up some little anchor earrings or something. As it is, it feels very Parisian to me. I want to pare it with a black circle skirt and some red heels or platforms, then I would be ready to visit the Eiffel Tower in style! I've actually been to Paris, but I think it would be a much better place to visit with a sweetheart... I was there with one of my best girl-friends!
 I took these photos in an alley before all the snowing started. Now there's nowhere to take my photo's! What do you other ladies do in bad weather?
Necklace: Gift, Ring: Ardenes
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