Friday, April 29

Thursday: Naples Dress

American Eagle Boots, HUE jeggings, Dress from Naples Italy
No post yesterday! Uncool. Wednesday night Nick was busy so I had no outfit photographer. Besides that, the weather hasn't been cooperating. Big surprise right? Anyway, I was determined to get outfit photo's yesterday despite the fact that it was raining. That meant taking pictures in Mr. Nicks basement! Not exactly ideal. So forgive the fact that in these photo's I'm not wearing shoes. I tried to include my boots so you can get an idea of the whole outfit.
Jacket: Dynamite, Belt: Smart Set
Anyway, I pulled this dress out of my closet where it's been for two years. I picked this up when my travel buddy and I were in Naples Italy... three years ago? It seems like forever, but feels like yesterday. I miss traveling so much!  I remember that I saw this dress in the window while Ms. Carolyn and I were walking up a hill from our Hotel, just exploring. We stayed in this amazing hotel that used to be a textile factory. I saw the dress in the window and fell in love with the bubble hem and the bright yellow flowers. I recall it also came with pink flowers... that would have matched my jacket better.
I've digressed again.The point is that I have only worn this dress once, I find it incredibly difficult to style because the part closest to my face is the same color as my face. I think I pulled it off by wearing it with a necklace, colorful belt and pink jacket.
Mr. Nick didn't like it with the jacket, neither did my mum, but to me there's no reason yellow, purple and pink can't be worn together and I really felt like the yellow alone wasn't enough color!
I think we need to take a moment and call out Mr. Nick for getting a little tilt happy lately. Silly boy. 

How would you style this dress? Serious question. It's super comfy and I love wearing it -- but I wish I could style it better! Thoughts?

I think I would be a bad blogger if I didn't at least mention in passing the fact that Kate Middleton looked gorgeous this morning!

Beautiful dress!

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