Thursday, April 21

Style Inspiration #1 Audrey Horne

I think I would like to do a weekly feature with some info about one of my favorite style inspirations, we'll see!

For today, I'm presenting for your consideration Audrey Horne, played by the gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn on the David Lynch show Twin Peaks.

Mr. Nick and I zipped through the entire series in the months before Christmas, having borrowed the box set from one of my Uncles. We enjoyed it immensely. Well, maybe not the end, but the first season was excellent and I found the whole show to be very revealing as an influence behind many current shows. Both in style, cinematography, and treatment of content.Take for example, The Killing, a brand new show which really feels like Twin Peaks meets The Wire.

Anyway, one of my favorite things about the show was the fashion! In particular I was struck by Ms. Horne and her effortless style of dress. One of the things I liked about Audrey was that, in the first season, she dressed deliberately on the verge of womanly and innocently. She would wear her little oxford flats and then switch into red pumps when she got to school and that change would take her from sweet innocent Audrey, to vixen. In the second season, we don't really see the characters attend school like they did before, now Audrey is taking over the family business and becoming more grownup -- she wears more two piece suits, embellished or patterned blouses and cardigans, and sexy silhouettes. I was more of a fan of her cute oxfords and full skirt combinations!

I'm pretty sure Audrey is the brunette version of Marilyn Monroe. Although... perhaps it's the haircut.

In any case -- Audrey is a true style icon to me. Here's how I would put together an Audrey look:

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