Tuesday, April 26

Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Shoes: Thrifted Dress: H&M Trench: Urban Planet Belt: I don't recall!
You can tell it was a very sunny day because my eyes aren't open in any of these and I'm making my squint-y face. ;p The good news is that means Spring is on it's way! Warm weather + sunny skies = heaven.
I bought this dress from H&M when I was on my sixteenth birthday trip to New York city with my Mum. Back then, there were no H&M's in Edmonton, and not that many in Canada at all! SO, it seemed very exotic at the time. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out of my closet and not only did it still fit, (a miracle) but the tag said H&M, so much for exotic American shopping souvenirs!
Jewelry: Gifts!
I wore this outfit on Friday to my Church's Easter Sunday Brunch. I wanted something formal and springy and this is what happened! I really liked classing it up a bit with my Grandma's pearl necklace and earrings, and a pearl ring I received as a gift when I was a teen. I seem to be pulling out a lot of old things lately I haven't worn in ages!
Spring here I come!
After the service Mr. Nick, my parents and I all went for a walk around the biggest man made lake in Edmonton. I traded my kitten heels for pink Converse sneakers and we were good to go! We even stopped for ice cream! I would like Friday's off more often please.

Did you do anything extra special with your long weekend?

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