Thursday, April 14

Pretty in Pink

Jeggings: Hue (from The Bay), Blazer: Dynamite
 I wore this outfit on Monday, it was pretty cold outside so we took advantage of the patio doors and the natural light they provide and took the pictures in the living room! Not the best neutral backdrop, but it shall suffice.
I definitely want to wear this outfit again, it made me feel so pretty and girly. I don't own that much in the color pink actually, but occasionally throughout my life pink finds me. My grad dress was this same dusty rose color, actually the shoes were purchased to match that dress. The blazer is newly acquired! I think I'm wearing all the pink I own in one outfit!
Shoes: I don't remember! Top: H&M
I love this tiny cameo necklace, Mr. Nick had to take a realllly close up macro shot so that you can see all the details. The face is so tiny, he had never noticed it before!
It's too bad spring has turned tail on us, this outfit made me feel like frolicking in a field of brightly colored flowers. Stupid weather.
What colors do you like to sport in the springtime?


  1. Pretty in pink! I love that floral top, it's adorable! Isn't it so much fun to wear jewelry that once belonged to one of your grandmothers?? :)

  2. @ Libby
    It is! I have a lot of jewelry from my very stylish Grandmother, and the more I get into wearing vintage the more I want to wear it all. It's great because not only is it lovely, but it has emotional resonance, which makes every outfit more special. :)

  3. @Morgan
    Thanks you so much! Quite a compliment from you ;)


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