Wednesday, April 6

Nerdy Me!

This is a response to a post I read on The Veda House where Cassie wrote about the things that make her/she can do because she is nerdy! Of course my immediate thought was that I can out nerd pretty much everyone I know. SO, I thought I would supply you with some nerdy tidbits about me!

1. I saw The Return of the King in theaters 12 times, but I saw Fellowship of the Ring 16 times!

2. Every year I attend an event called Can't Stop the Serenity which is basically like a Firefly convention... if you don't know what Firefly is, you simply must find out immediately.

3. I wish that Bill Nye was still on television too! Also, maybe you have to be Canadian to remember him but, I wish John Acorn was still on TV too.

4. Why yes, I did meet my boyfriend at a Sci Fi film premier...

5. Why yes, I am currently writing a Sci Fi novel...

6. I am critically obsessed with the video game Mass Effect. No joke. I'm thisclose to one-hundred percenting Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity level.

7. A few weekends ago I was doing this:

Need I say more?

Ya, I'm pretty nerdy.... but I'm cool too! Right?
Besides, I'm sure there must be a nerdier human being on the internet than me!
What makes you nerdy?

By the way, stay tuned, I have my first outfit post in the works for today!


  1. We really need to get together and play Mutants and Masterminds again soon. As you said, you haven't melted anyone in a long time!

  2. These are all things I love about you! :P


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