Tuesday, April 19

Fun with Fuchsia

Fuchsia Jeans: Zellers, Ruched shoulder sweater: Urban Planet
This outfit is from last Thursday, when Edmonton was in the middle of yet another snow storm! I had to pull my poor retired parka out of the basement again, and here he is in the flesh. This thing may not be all that attractive but it keeps me warm all winter! Hilariously, when I mentioned to Mr. Nick that I might want a new winter jacket he got all defensive "I've grown attached to it" he insisted! I thought that was so cute.

Parka: Winners, Bow: H&M, Gary the Gecko: Aldo Accessories, Bag: Urban Outfitters
I braved the snow to wear my oxford flats that day, I just thought they looked cute with the pants! I regretted it a little when my feet were wet, but at least I looked cute at work. My boss said that with the bun and the bow I looked like I was in The Nut Cracker, he even pirouetted to get his point across. What a talented boss I have right?
Oxford Flats: The Bay

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