Tuesday, April 12

Finally Some Sunshine

On Saturday Mr. Nick took me to the new and improved Muttart Conservatory here in sunny and cold Edmonton! It was a wonderful day together, the conservatory holds a riot of colors, beautiful tokens of the summer to come!
My family used to come to the  Muttart all the time when I was younger, my Dad is into photography and would spend hours taking pictures of the flowers! This was the first time I've gone with Mr. Nick and we'll definitely do it again. 
The building was recently renovated and it now plays home to a wonderful little organic cafe called Culina. They had wonderful local ingredients on the menu and their food was truly delicious.
I've got quite a few pictures here for you under the cut!

The sweetest thing happened while we were at the cafe. When we sat down Nick pulled out my chair for me and a couple minutes later a little old lady came up to us (there were quite a few seniors in the cafe) and told Nick it was nice to see a real gentleman! The lady sitting at the table next to us chimed in saying, "I noticed that too, you kids are going to be just fine!" Later our server joked that we were being pressured to get married. It was so cute, and Nick and I got a real laugh.

We finished off our visit with some delicious candy sticks! Mine was watermelon and his was sour apple. It's great to feel like a kid again and enjoy these little things!

I'll post some photos of my outfit later, I have a huge buildup of outfit posts from over the weekend and I'm not sure how I should space them out.  Trial and error!

Anyone else do something fun with their weekend?

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  1. Awww! This is so cute! Made me smile the whole way through it- great photos!! :D


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