Tuesday, April 12

Finally (last) Friday

Smart Set Safari Dress, Urban tights
I know, three posts in one day! Crazy right? I'm just not sure how to space out the photos I took over the weekend, maybe in the future I'll have to update on the weekends as well!
Anyway, Friday was my favorite outfit photo session yet. I hadn't worn the tights to work and I felt a little bit naked all day, so after Nick picked me up I put the tights on and I think it adds a lot to the outfit since the dress is rather plain.
You wouldn't believe how unhappy Mr. Nick sounded when I told him I wanted to stop the car on our way out again and take my outfit photo's by this big brick church! He was all, "You want me to drive somewhere specifically so we can take your outfit shots? Really?" and I was all, "this is just the beginning buster." That is, "Pleeeaaassse?"
Reitmans belt, Metalsmiths ring, DIY bracelet
 It was very windy out, but warm, and I felt a little like Marilyn Munroe in a safari dress. It was fun times! My hair was even cooperating! I cant wait to explore all kinds of new places to take photos.
Shop Ruche shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace
 The shoes arrived in the mail the other day from Shop Ruche. I purchased them with a gift card I had from Christmas, (thanks Amy!) And am pretty pleased with them. You'll have noticed I also wore them on Sunday to the Muttart, not because they went with the outfit though, they were the only shoes I had with me at the time! I think these shoes need a particular kind of outfit, since they're a little heavy looking. My Dad saw them and immediately his mind went to armadillo. Thanks Dad. They're pretty comfortable though, I wore them all Sunday -- walking around the conservatory and then to the shopping mall later, the true test of a shoe, and my feet were only a little sore afterwards.
I should also mention that I'm a little addicted to my yellow nail polish right now. Something about it just says spring to me, it's bright and happy. I'm desperately looking to add a little more yellow into my wardrobe. I am in lust with this dress  ever since I saw it worn on this blog  so beautifully, but it is a bit pricey for me. I'm kinda thinking I should just bite the bullet... or wait till my birthday in June!

On a final note for today, before the whole blog business started I wore this dress this way:
With red tights and a scarf! Which outfit do you prefer?


  1. So cute! Loving your necklace!

    I like both versions of the outfit :)

  2. Love the first outfit! So cute! And the shoes are nifty- nice choice :P

  3. Oooh ces petites chaussures sont géniales!
    Et j'adore la couleur de ton vernis! :)


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