Tuesday, April 19

Fabulous Friday

My boss came up with an interesting idea: to abolish Casual Fridays and institute Fabulous Fridays. It's optional, but he calls it joining his 'army of awesome' and all that is required is that you 'suit up'! Now, I'm just as much a fan of How I Met Your Mother as the next person, so I decided I would do my best (since I don't actually own a suit...) to suit up with everyone else. Here's my Fabulous Friday outfit!
Vest: Smart Set, Skirt: Marks, Tie: Forever 21, Shirt: Marks
I wasn't planning on taking pics, but Mr. Nick was all, "I like your outfit!" SO we snapped a few.

The broach was a gift from my parents, it says Kate, if you're having trouble reading it! AND, the glasses are Mr. Nicks! He never wears them, favoring contacts instead, and I'm trying to convince him to get big black frames to replace them.

How do you get dressed for work on Fridays? Suit up, and join the Army of Awesome!

Mr. Nick is taking me out for dinner and a movie tonight. That is if I can keep him from Portal Two long enough! New outfit tomorrow, and a little review of 'Hanna'.


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